Saving Time And Motion

Load More Efficiently And Shoot Even More

A couple of years ago a friend of mine named Jay decided to buy an electronic powder scale/powder dispenser, primarily to help him load the 1,000-odd rounds of .223 ammunition he shoots every year at prairie dogs. He figured the e-scale would save a bunch of time.

After figuring out how to get the machine going, he started loading brass. The first thing he noticed was the e-scale took more time than his powder measure to dispense each 25-grain charge of powder. Most of the powder went into the pan quickly, but the machine slowed down as it neared the charge-weight.

That’s OK, Jay thought, I’ll seat the bullet while the next case is being filled. Even then he had to wait a few seconds for the next case to fill with powder, and it seemed like it took a lot longer to load the first 500 rounds than it usually did.

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