Safety Gear And Bug-Out Bags

They’re both about protecting your assets.

There’s no reason your everyday sunglasses can’t double for shooting glasses, offering mil-spec protection with casual style. I wear Rydon Tactical glasses from Rudy Project USA equipped with their Photochromic light-adjusting lenses everyday, and now they offer that featherweight, comfy frame with five different sets of easily-swapped lenses in the Rydon Shooting Kit for $274.99. And if you need prescription lenses, Rudy Project makes it easy; just order, and pick them up from your eye doctor.

If you engage in action sports and need eye protection to bridge the gap between glasses and goggles, check out Wiley X’s Brick. They come with a pop-in Facial Cavity Seal to block out dust and debris particles while ventilating from the top down to prevent fogging, and the “T-Peg” detachable elastic leash is fast and secure. I recommend the LA (light adjusting) Grey Lens/ Metallic Black Frame Kit at $144. Of course you can leave the seal and leash off, and you have some handsome, comfy, cool multi-mission glasses with great clarity and zero distortion.

Want a super-quick fix that slips right over your prescription glasses? One with ANSI Z80.1-rated protection? Check out distortion-free polarized Cocoons eyewear. Available in grey, copper, amber and yellow tints, you could have lenses to fit any lighting condition at the cost of a single pair of prescription spectacles, made so that at first glance, no one knows you’re actually wearing two pair of glasses—a neat trick, huh? Doff both sets, put the Cocoons back on and you’ve got stylish polarized sunglasses. Cost is about $50 per pair.
By John Connor

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