Rogers’ Super-Stoc For AR

Bill Rogers is one of the most innovative and intelligent people in the firearms industry. When I learned the current Colt collapsible stocks were a Rogers design I was sure it would be a well-designed and useful product.

Collapsible stocks have many virtues. They adapt to different shooting positions and individual body size. They allow for more compact storage. The police SWAT guys I occasionally shoot with like the ability to use a regular stock length while wearing regular uniform, then quickly shortening the stock for use with bulky tactical gear vests and body armor.

The Super-Stoc was designed by Bill Rogers to combine adjustable length with the same stability as a fixed stock. The stock is designed to adapt to either mil-spec or commercial size buffer tubes, and is both light and strong.

The Super-Stoc retains the utility of a collapsible stock while adding the rigidity of a fixed stock. Length of pull can be adjusted as quickly and easily as any other collapsible. If maximum stability is desired, say while sighting in or for a precision stock, simply click the cam-lock upwards.

Not only does it work as advertised, it is light (7.3 ounces), designed so it can be fitted to either mil-spec or commercial-size buffer tubes, and very strong. The cam lock can be easily placed on either right or left side of the stock. It seems to be made to precise dimensions, as on the mil-spec buffer tube on my rifle there was very little play even before engaging the lock.

The Super-Stoc currently retails at $78.95 from Rogers Shooting School, and is now standard equipment on most Colt AR rifles.
By Dave Anderson

Rogers Super-Stoc
c/o Prezine LLC
3041 Faye Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32226
(904) 642-7810

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