The Alpha Wolf, I discovered during an all-too-brief range session, is pretty darned accurate even with add-on sights (my test gun came with no sights at all) that I borrow from my son. He’s an AR15 fan, and handed me a set with a tritium insert on the front post.

According to Lone Wolf literature, “The short stroke gas piston system eases recoil with the reciprocating mass resulting in quicker follow up shots, compared to a heavier, rearward force, blowback system.” I can say without fear of contradiction, that’s true. Felt recoil was almost non-existent, and as I cranked off rounds, I was delighted at the tight groups I was able to produce.

My guess is that if the Alpha Wolf is fitted with an optical sight, it will deliver accurate hits on any target within a hundred yards, which is not too shabby for a long gun launching a pistol-caliber cartridge.