Sporting a black-oxide finish, a specimen such as this must have better than a traditional blade front and notch rear sight — and it sure enough does. The barrel is topped by an elevation-adjustable buckhorn rear sight and drift-adjustable front sight.

With its long barrel and sights, a little carbine like this should wring every bit of energy out of a typical .22 cartridge, whether it pushes a 32-gr. hollowpoint or a 40-gr. RNL projectile. My guess is with enough time and ammunition any owner of this revolving carbine could become proficient at popping rabbits, squirrels and other varmints with deadly consistency.

Add its provided leather sling, attached ahead of the standard ejector rod and under the stock, manual safety located on the left rear of the frame and a weight of just 4.12 lbs., the Rancher makes an easy companion in the woods or field.