Henry AR-7 Survival Rifle

A Stoner Design for jackrabbits — and James Bond

Everything stows in the stock — available in your choice of black or camo.

Mankind has imagined a cornucopia of many-splendored contrivances to protect our soft carcasses from threats both natural and otherwise. We enthusiastically explore everything from the depths of the oceans to the vacuum of space, all the while relying upon 3 lbs. of gooey gray stuff between our ears to keep us intact and healthy.

One of the most critical tools for the person burdened with a healthy wanderlust is a proper survival weapon. However, to be truly effective the weapon should be portable, weatherproof, reliable and effective. The good folks at Henry produce something many consider the ideal tool for this task — the AR-7 U.S. Survival Rifle. Time has proven the lightweight survival arm a worthwhile companion.

The 3.5-lb. rimfire takedown is compact and packable — the ultimate survival tool!

Henry Repeating Arms has produced the Stoner AR-7 design domestically since 1980.

Gene Stoner, father of the AR-15, first thought up the ArmaLite AR-7 Explorer in 1959. A modular takedown design, the .22 LR AR-7 easily breaks into sub-assemblies stowing inside the stock alongside a brace of 8-round magazines. The whole shebang only weighs 3.5 lbs. If you drop it in the water, the gun will even float, though if you leave it overnight it will ultimately sink (ask me how I know this!).

The rights to manufacture the AR-7 have followed a circuitous path to rest eventually with Henry since 1980. They were built in Argentina for a time and carried operationally by Israeli combat aircrews. Sean Connery even used one to bring down a helicopter in 1963’s 007 classic, From Russia with Love.

The basic blowback semi-auto action is reliable and stupid-proof. Henry offers the gun in both black and camo. Your favorite 10/22 is more comfortable, just not quite as cool. The Henry U.S. Survival AR-7 — don’t leave civilization without one! The MSRP is $305 (black), $368 (camo).


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