AAC TI-RAID 30 Silencer


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The TI-RAID 30 from AAC delivers .30-caliber performance when it counts
and can handle rounds up to .300 Win. Mag. Photos: Remington Arms

The TI-RAID 30 Silencer from AAC is engineered to be intermittent full-auto capable, easy to maintain and practically bombproof.

The Ti-RAID 30 takes any .30-caliber up to .300 Win. Mag. in stride, while its shielded baffles and tool-free takedown deliver enhanced performance and ease of maintenance. Titanium-9 construction and PVD coatings complete this full-auto-capable package of indestructability. This is one solid silencer ready to take on a range of rough environments and keep delivering when it counts.

Available with either direct thread or fast-attach 90T mounts, it’s a must-have for multiple suppressor-ready firearms. This keeps down cost and maximizes the adaptability of the silencer for your .30-caliber firearms.

The TI-RAID can be attached via a 90T Taper fast-attach mount and measures 8.5" in overall length and weighs 20.5 oz.

The TI-RAID can also employ a 5/8"x24 direct thread attachment system, featuring an overall length of 8.1" and weighing in at 20.1 oz.


• Two mounting options: Direct thread: 5/8″x24, for optimum accuracy; Fast Attach Mount, 90T Taper, for quick set up and tear down
• Tool-free takedown and shielded baffles deliver unsurpassed performance and ease of maintenance
• PVD coating on silencer and tube mounts, for nail-tough durability


• .300 Win. Mag.: 140 dB at muzzle
• 136 dB at shooter’s ear
• 308 Win: 137 dB at muzzle
• 300 AAC Blackout Subsonic: 123 dB at muzzle

For more info: Advanced Armament Corp., https://www.advanced-armament.com
Ph: (770) 925-9988