1958 GUNS Ad

U.S. M1903 Springfield for $19.95

I was rifling through an old issue of GUNS Magazine...

...the January 1958 issue to be exact, and found this early ad for Hunter's Lodge. Back in the day, this Alexandria, Virginia-based retailer billed itself as "America's Biggest Arms House - America's Lowest Prices!"

To be clear, I wasn't around in 1958. But I love to see what was happening in the firearms industry and especially in marketing and advertising in those days. Apparently the design philosophy was something along the lines of 'jam as much text and info as you can in the space given'.

Note the M1903 Springfield in the upper right corner for $19.95... From the ad: "These are extremely scare true original M1903 low numbered receivers with no crude stampings to plague you..."

Don't you love it?

Check out the entire issue at https://gunsmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/G0158.pdf. The Hunter's Lodge ad is on page 2, the inside front cover. Enjoy!