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Having lost most of my reloading gear to fire and the rest to flood a few years later, I’ve spent the last decade-plus in a Rip Van Reloader state of “handloading coma.” When I finally awoke, I found first, thankfully, reloading is kinda like riding a bike; once you get aboard and pedaling, the basics all come back to you—though it’s like going from a single-speed Schwinn cruiser to a 24-speed mountain bike. And second, adjusted for inflation, you can get into reloading better, faster and safer now for about the same start-up bucks as 15 years ago!

While I was dozing, the good got better and the best got fantastic! Whether you’re a first-time handloader, a Rip Van Reloader like me or an established hull-stuffer looking for upgrades, you’ll find something tempting here. (And also in this issue, see my “Odd Angry Shot” column for more handloading tips and tools.)

Unless you’re loading small numbers of a single-caliber cartridge, a single-stage reloading press will quickly leave you longing for more speed and flexibility. So, why not start out with a setup that will bang out 250 rounds per hour? The recently-expanded Classic Turret Press Kit by Lee Precision has all the hardware you need except a set of dies, and it’s all top-quality gear at a bargain price. You even get Richard Lee’s second edition of Modern Reloading, which has everything but crock-pot recipes! If you’re short on space, check out Lee’s compact, 3-legged Reloading Stand too.

When you’re ready to step up to a progressive reloading press capable of producing 500 professional-quality rounds per hour, the Hornady Lock-N-Load AP is just the ticket; an auto-indexing 5-station ammo factory. One of its best features—among many—is the Universal Case Retainer Spring, which allows you to handily remove and reinsert cases of any size at any point in the process. Too, the powder dispenser has an “idiot-proof” feature which stops it from dumping gunpowder if you forgot to insert an empty cartridge! Yeah, I admit it; I like that—and need it.

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