Refined And Redefined

The Böker Plus Urban Trapper Is
A Traditional Pattern Reinvented

By Pat Covert

Böker Knives has been on a roll lately, collaborating with some very hot knifemakers. The Böker Plus Urban Trapper is a design by Brad Zinker, a custom knifemaker from Florida who’s known for making thin, sleek knives. The Urban Trapper is a primo example of this talented artisan’s work.

The Trapper is a classic pattern and, according to those who specialize in manufacturing traditional pocketknives, the most popular. The Zinker and Böker Plus send-up, however, takes it to the moon and back—and they took it even further with state-of-the-art handles of modern titanium and carbon fiber. The Urban Trapper folder is 7.66 inches overall with a trim 3.43-inch VG10 stainless steel drop-point blade. The blade engages via a flipper and locks up with either internal liner-lock mechanism or frame-lock, depending on the model. Böker offers the Urban Trapper in four different frame models: a skeletonized titanium frame, a frame-lock, plus three models with G10, carbon fiber, and Cocobolo wood onlays over a titanium frame, which are all liner-locks.

Those who like a lightweight, easy to conceal knife with plenty of length will enjoy this folder. The back of the Urban Trapper’s frame sports a pocket clip for inconspicuous carry, but with the knife’s light weight (the full titanium model checks in at an ultra-svelte 1.7 ounces), you can remove the clip and go retro with it loose in your pocket.

Better yet, you can pocket a Böker Plus Urban Trapper for a nice price. The price on the four available handle designs ranges from $104.95 to $159.95, depending on model. For such finery as titanium and carbon fiber, that’s a bargain. Böker is one of the cutlery industry’s best at variations on a theme, so don’t be surprised to see larger or smaller versions of the Urban Trapper, or more variations in handle or blade offerings.

MAKER: Böker USA Inc.
1550 Balsam Street
Lakewood, CO 80214

Overall length: 7.66 inches
Blade: 3.43 inches, satin finish
Blade steel: VG10 stainless steel
Weight: 1.7 ounces
Handle: Titanium, various onlays
Carry: Pocket clip (removable for loose carry)
Price: $104.95 to 159.95

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