Range Systems Sight-Bloc

This is one of those products you can really feel good about. It’s both a highly versatile gun rest, and it’s made entirely from recycled rubber.

Range Systems is a manufacturer of a variety of professional quality range products with an emphasis on composite rubber, encapsulating, bullet backstops. Their latest product made from a recycled rubber composite is really clever. It’s called the Sight-Bloc.

Measuring 6x9x11 inches, the Sight-Bloc is molded to give the shooter three different height rests by merely flipping the block. There’s a 4-inch rest surface, a 7-inch surface and a 9-inch surface. Each rest surface is shaped like a deep “U” to firmly support your gun. Weighing 14 pounds, the Sight-Bloc is also a very stable platform, and being a rubber composite, it grips firmly to any surface it’s rested on.

I’ve noticed many times that some rifles shoot their best when rested over a softer surface than a front rest bag or sandbag. To solve the problem, sometimes I would simply cradle the forearm with my hand resting on the front bag of my rest. Other times, I have placed a soft, gummy, recoil reduction pad over the front bag and rested the forearm on that. Being made of rubber, the Sight-Bloc by design already provides a soft surface to rest the forearm on.

One of the more contemporary challenges is benchresting an AR or AK when fitted with a 30-round magazine. The Sight-Bloc solves that problem by offering a 9-inch-high rest position. It is simply ideal for an AR or AK plus if you accidentally knock it off the bench, it won’t break. You aren’t going to hurt the Sight-Bloc. Carried around in a car or truck, it will prove to be a very handy and flexible field rest.

For handgunners, two of the rest surfaces measure 4-inch and 6-inch deep respectfully so they will clear a suitable length handgun barrel.

The Sight-Bloc is a well-designed and ingenious product for the shooter. It’s available directly from Range Systems for $49.99.
By Holt Bodinson

Range Systems
5121 Winnetka Ave. N.
New Hope, MN 55428
(877) 423-1785

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