Real Avid Level-Right Pro scope leveling kit


Mounting a rifle scope is one of those processes where do-it-yourself rigs and projects abound. The most commonly used procedure is to put a small level across the turrets of the scope but it’s widely-recognized turrets commonly aren’t square with the reticle. If you don’t get the reticle leveled, it leads to all kinds of frustration when trying to zero or shoot.

The Real Avid kit uses what I call the proven “reverse” procedure. In essence, the kit includes everything you need to shine a light backward through the scope, shining an image of the reticle onto a leveled grid positioned behind the gun. Rotate the scope into alignment, tighten down the mounting screws and you’re ready to go regardless of which direction your turrets are pointing. All the kit components are high quality and with care, will outlast your shooting career.

MSRP: $69.99

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