Top 10 GUNS Magazine Podcast Episodes Of All Time

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Hosted by GUNS Magazine editor Brent T. Wheat, each week, the GUNS Magazine Podcast brings you entertaining interviews with the most interesting people in the firearms, hunting and outdoor industries. Take a look back at our 10 most-popular episodes, then send us your suggestion for what topics or guest you’d like to hear from next!

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10. What It's Like to Shoot Someone: Part I | GMP #120

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Have you ever wondered if you could really shoot someone in self-defense?  Or questioned how you’d handle it psychologically? In this hard-hitting episode, we talk with Capt. Tyson Warmoth who candidly shares his experiences and what it’s like to live with the aftermath.

9. Irrational EDC | GMP #62

Self-reliance practitioners typically carry a gun, knife and a light source, but when you start getting into the specifics, the arguments start. From carrying too much to not enough, Host Brent T. Wheat and American Handgunner Editor Tom McHale discuss their views on the right — and wrong — ways to everyday carry.

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8. The One Gun Everybody Should Own | GMP #97

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Whether you’re talking training, pest control or just sheer fun, a .22 pistol is arguably the one gun everyone should have. In today’s episode, host Brent T. Wheat and Roy Huntington talk about why the .22 pistol is one of the most versatile firearms you can own.

7. Are Gun Stores Doomed? - GMP#125

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Barry Laws isn’t convinced gun stores will be around much longer.

Laws is the CEO of a shooting range and gun store and has lots of insight and controversial opinions about why the gun business is headed for disaster unless some major changes are made how we do business.  In this episode, Laws calls out everyone from manufacturers to shooters and explains why he thinks the firearms industry is going the wrong way.

6. I Was There: The North Hollywood Shootout | GMP #116

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Det. Vince Bancroft was working for LAPD when two men in dark clothing were spotted entering a bank in North Hollywood.  Forty-four minutes later, both were dead, a dozen cops were injured and almost 2000 rounds had been fired in one of the most notorious law-enforcement shootouts in the country. In this episode, Bancroft tells his compelling story of what happened that fateful day.

5. Self-defense Advice From A Guy Who Protected Trump | GMP #45

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Steve Tarani is a noted self-protection expert, a former full-time CIA employee and protective services subject matter expert who served on Donald Trump’s pre-election protection detail. He is also a trainer (DOD, Naval Special Operations Command, DOJ and many others) and author who shares tips on how to keep your most “precious cargo” safe in today’s upside-down world.

4. A Substitute for Your AR | GMP #69

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If President Joe Biden gets his way, there’s a good chance the federal government will soon do something to make AR-style rifle — or indeed, any “assault rifle” — ownership difficult, if not outright impossible. But if such a thing happens, the Gun Cranks discuss a few possible alternatives for your beloved black rifle.

3. Gun Cleaning Rights & Wrongs | GMP #73

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A familiar task among gun owners, gun cleaning is often an enjoyed or dreaded exercise. But are you doing it right?

Back with the Guncranks, Host Brent T. Wheat, Tom McHale and Roy Huntington do a deep-dive into the right and wrong ways to clean your firearms, including using margarine on your pistol, the secret ingredient in Hoppe’s #9 and where not to store your sunflower seeds.

A longtime gunsmith, Roy also explains why he believes some guns have been ruined by a lack of cleaning, but more have been ruined by too much cleaning.

2. The Bonnie & Clyde Ambush: Gun Geeks Got It Wrong! | GMP #111

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Famed outlaws Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow met a bloody end on May 23, 1934 at the hands of former Texas Ranger Frank Hamer and his band of lawmen.  However, most of the gun lore you “know” about the famous ambush is wrong.  In this episode, expert Darryl Bolke explains why.

1. Wayne LaPierre Must Go! | GMP #76

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The National Rifle Association’s bankruptcy hearing in Texas started this week and all the organizational ‘dirt’ you’ve heard in the media before now has actually been tendered under oath.

Publisher of The Outdoor Wire, Jim Shepherd and host Brent T. Wheat discuss some of the things revealed in court thus far, including Wayne LaPierre’s safari and yacht “security retreats” — plus numerous reasons why even the most rabid pro-NRA member should grudgingly agree it’s time to clean house on the top floor of NRA headquarters.

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