Snubbie Revolvers

GUNS Magazine Podcast
Quick Hit #1

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GUNS Magazine Podcast Quick Hits are short episodes featuring Host Brent T. Wheat and Publisher Roy Huntington discussing various topics about everything firearms featuring their usual humor, veteran knowledge and do-not-repeat stories.

Once ubiquitous, especially in law enforcement, 2-inch revolvers, or “snubbies,” have since fallen out of favor with shooters. Most cops carried one and every TV detective whipped his out at the moment of truth. But is the “Chief’s Special” or “Bodyguard” just an anachronism in today’s world?

As you might have guessed, GUNS Magazine Publisher Roy Huntington and Editor Brent T. Wheat don’t think so. As retired police officers, they carried snubbies during their careers, but the surprising fact is many of today’s top trainers and shooters still have a J-frame or other small revolver tucked away on their hip, in their pocket or on their ankle for those moments when life turns sour.

In this short episode, Roy and Brent offer a few insights to the pros and cons of the diminutive wheel guns. They even share a few ‘on the beat’ stories that are funny now but probably weren’t at the time.

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