Linda Powell,

GUNS Magazine Podcast #9

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Despite being one of the best and brightest in the industry, not many people outside the gun business have heard of Mossberg Director of Media Relations, Linda Powell. And that’s unfortunate, because not only is Linda great at what she does, but she’s a fantastic ambassador for hunting and an incredible role model for women in shooting sports and the outdoors.

But Linda didn’t start out as a hunter, or even come from an outdoorsy family. After a short medical field career, she changed directions and joined Remington where she learned to hunt as part of her job. Moving to Mossberg, she continued to be a popular and respected member of the shooting industry and ramped up her hunting game. Now, she is now one of the most experienced hunters of any gender on North American game.

Our conversation with Linda is both enlightening and inspiring as she talks about family-owned Mossberg, how being a late-bloomer in the hunting field increases her appreciation for the sport, and her own experiences as a single parent teaching her son to be an ethical hunter. She’s also fanatical about black bear hunting and we chat about her latest hunt where she swam through a swamp in winter to find a bear!

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