Massad Ayoob

GUNS Magazine Podcast #6

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Massad Ayoob is in a class by himself. Podcast host and Editor Brent T. Wheat calls Ayoob, “the first superstar in the defensive firearms industry.”

Having appeared in every form of media, ‘Mas’ is one of the most highly sought-after firearms trainers in the world. At age 71, he doesn’t have any plans of slowing down, much to the delight of serious shootists across the country.

During our talk, we cover how Mas got started as a lethal force expert, how GUNS Magazine was responsible for his first book, the most important things to remember in a lethal force encounter and why some attorneys simply “weave a fabric of lies” in situations such as the Travon Martin case. Oh yeah, we also force Mas to admit his favorite pistol!

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