Ken Campbell,

GUNS Magazine Podcast #3

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Brent talks to one of his oldest friends, Ken Campbell, CEO of Gunsite Academy in Chino Valley, AZ — the “Mothership” of modern defensive firearms training.

Gunsite is the oldest privately-owned shooting school in the world and the place where Col. Jeff Cooper developed the “modern technique of the pistol.” Ken is a longtime instructor at Gunsite and was tapped to take over the reins of the academy in 2014.

Brent and Ken go back to somewhere around 1984 when they were both young police officers in the Midwest. In the intervening decades, they’ve done everything from being sniper team partners to co-instructors, all while attempting to shoot well and have an even better time.

Ken talks about training at Gunsite, the philosophy of Jeff Cooper and what you need to know before venturing to “the ranch.” 

(You can also disregard any spurious claims of paste-eating.)

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