Cowboy Guns and
Church Security

GUNS Magazine Podcast #39
July 31, 2020

To say Lew Gosnell has a wide range of experience would be a vast understatement. Currently a Rangemaster at Gunsite Academy and 20-plus year police officer and firearms instructor in California, Lew has also served as a Tactical Team Supervisor in the Marine Corps Military Police and worked private security, in addition to being a champion shooter in IPSC, 3-Gun and cowboy action — including the first-ever Single Action Shoot Society End of Trail competition.

Speaking with Host Brent T. Wheat on-site at Gunsite, Lew shares how he got his start at the renowned firearms training academy, what he teaches students in his single-action pistol, lever gun and church security classes, and advice for congregations starting their own church security teams.

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