Michael Bane,
TV Personality

GUNS Magazine Podcast #29
May 22, 2020

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Called the “George Plimpton from hell” by The Wall Street Journal, Michael Bane is best known for his work on television shows such as “Shooting Gallery,” “The Best Defense” and “Gun Stories.” However, he’s done much, much more.

Once a mainstream journalist in New York City, Michael later veered into extreme sports and became a nationally-known music critic who got his job by “straight-up lying.” He’s since authored nearly two dozen books and become a notable personality both in print and on TV within the firearms industry.

During his conversation with Host Brent T. Wheat, Michael discusses a wide range of topics from cave diving to how a major national shooting discipline started in a Florida strip club, as well as shares his epiphany when Mount McKinley tried to kill him and whether or not the rumors of Willie Nelson’s smoking habits are true.

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Michael Bane: www.michaelbane.tv

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