Planning To Visit A Gun Store?

Roy’s Insider Tips #28

June 2012

Planning a visit to a gun store? Here’s a few tips that will make your next gun buying experience even better.

3 thoughts on “Planning To Visit A Gun Store?

  1. SteveG

    Unless I am known to the people who run the shop I will leave the gun locked in the vehicle, go in and talk to them and let them know that I would like to bring a firearm in for [purpose]. That way they know why a strange person they have never seen before is bringing a cased gun into the shop.

    Just my own preference.

  2. cj

    Probably worth pointing out a list of “don’t” that are so common. Such as taking the gun you just asked to see, pointing it at other customers pulling the trigger making “PEW PEW!” noises.

  3. Mike

    Nice video, informative. The owner might want to hire more people if he is that busy. Remember in business,(which I have my own)
    unfortunately the customer is always right even when he is wrong. When a customer walks out of your shop & is unhappy he will tell people.


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