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Making Triggers Better.

I’ve said many times the only real way to improve a trigger on an AR-15 is to replace it with something from the aftermarket. There used to be a scant few, now there are a many

Anyone who’s read my books knows those I favor, so this work here isn’t a buyer’s guide. I have found no matter which aftermarket trigger you choose, there are ways to make it perform better, and keep it performing well.

Some come supplied with their own proprietary trigger and hammer pin sets. Pin quality matters. Think about how the system functions, and how much room there is for imperfection considering receiver hole sizes and locations and trigger pieces-parts hole locations, and it’s clear the pins that fit into these holes have a say in how well the truly functional trigger parts (hammer hook and sear) establish a consistent connection, which means a consistent disconnection.

When I can, I push through a set of KNS brand trigger pins. These are true and dimensionally precise. A set of locking-style pins is a nice addition. These usually have an external locking arrangement. If the pins can’t rotate then at the least the trigger and hammer will be rotating on the same spots each cycle. Unless it’s an external lock, then the snugness of the fit with the receiver holes determines whether they stay put.

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