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Sticker Shock!

[…] I suggested did you get?” “Well, none. I got a Savage .270, and would you believe the scope came with […]

Sometimes It’s Not The Gun

[…] gun. It isn’t uncommon to see a vintage Winchester or Savage lever rifle with what today would be considered excess […]

The Special .32 Special

[…] with that Model 94. That one involved my grandfather’s .300 Savage Model 99 but I had more meat on my […]

Mean Green 7.62mm

[…] finally realized commercially by Steyr (and later by facsimiles from Savage and Ruger). The barrel is 16-1/4 inches—a bit of […]

New Federal HammerDown

[…] bloodstream. Years later, my first buck would fall to a Savage Model 99 and I would buy one of the […]

Cast Bullets And The .30-30

[…] in the Winchester, but also the Marlin Model 93 and Savage Model 99 leverguns. The Marlin evolved into the Model […]

Drifting Back To Iron

[…] wore iron sights. Like Nick’s and Brian’s 1894 Winchesters, the Savage 1899 I’d borrowed was a .25-35. Larry’s 1893 Marlin […]

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