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80 Percent Arms GST-9

[…] are partially finished gun components. In the case of their GLOCK-compatible pistol kits, it means the frame as it is […]

Changing Platforms

[…] of polymer pistols, so first quarter 2018 was mostly all GLOCK for me. I spent most of the time with […]

Spare Ammo

[…] the service revolver, that totaled 18 rounds. Today, with a GLOCK 17 or S&W M&P9, that’s 52 rounds of 9mm […]

Ruger PC Carbine

[…] beyond, Ruger recognized the most popular pistol is still the GLOCK and incudes a magazine well which will accommodate GLOCK […]

Why Not Pack A Pair?

[…] the revolvers a little I switch to a pair of GLOCK 19’s. At first I get a couple of stovepipes. […]

New Ruger PC Carbine Models

[…] attention. Ruger designed this carbine to accept common Ruger and/or GLOCK magazines. It ships from the factory with an SR-Series/Security-9 […]

JARD’s Boxy Bullpup

[…] favorites—the Bushnell Trophy 1x28mm. Loading up six different loads in Glock magazines with the help of Caldwell’s neat Universal Pistol […]

The Sheepdog Barks!

[…] a compact 9mm pistol. In a division inspired by the GLOCK 19, we should not be surprised the G19 and […]

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