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Clear As Glass!

[…] or Burris on a $500 or $600 Ruger American or Savage 110 (although from a fashion standpoint, a purist might […]

Triggering A TurnAround

[…] trigger job if not a replacement trigger. My Dad’s old Savage pump .22 made in 1916 has a much better […]

New Products April 2021 Issue

Savage Arms Savage Arms’ 110 Ultralite Camo is designed to combat elevation and the elements while maintaining the performance of […]

The Golden Days Are Here

[…] or .32 Special. The more serious hunters generally had a Savage 99 in .300 Savage or .308 Win or a […]

Steven Model 555

[…] way back from undeserved exile in a number of shotgun production lines. The latest example is the Savage/Stevens Model 555 O/U.

The Perfect Deer Rifle

[…] muzzle-light); Ruger .44 Mag. carbine (too range-limited); Ruger 77 .250 Savage (too close to perfect, might have ended the quest!); […]

Rifling: The Gist On Twist

[…] the most-used bullet weights. Usually this worked out. The .300 Savage (1921) had a 1:12 twist, the .22 Hornet a […]

The Creedmoor Family Grows

[…] fast-twist barrels. Ruger uses a 1:7.7 twist, while Browning and Savage have recently introduced 6mm CM rifles with 1:7.5 twists. […]

Turkey Takedown Technology

[…] eye — Stevens’ introduction of a turkey-tuned, single-shot .410 and Savage announcing a dedicated 12- and 20-gauge turkey bolt gun. […]

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