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[…] 1-handed, I missed the snake with three rounds from a Glock 31 and clipped the body with two before the […]

Crossfire May 2018

[…] library that talk about the origin of the name ” GLOCK 17.” The Complete Encyclopedia Of Pistols And Revolvers, 2002 […]

Mossberg MC1SC 9mm

[…] the pistol is designed to accept magazines for the popular GLOCK 43. We found it would also fit our G43 […]

Safe Storage

[…] in the first place. The Gun Vault NV200 holds a GLOCK 19 and spare mag locked and hidden under the […]

Texas Ranger Frank Hamer

[…] Lessons In It. By Massad Ayoob I was at a Glock match in Salt Lake City when my friend Randy […]

The .356 TSW

[…] the barrels for the most popular platform of today: the GLOCK pistol, specifically the G17 and G19. They come with […]

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