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The skinny on scopes

[…] had somehow managed to attach a 3/4″ tube scope made for .22 rifles to his old Savage 1899 in .303 Savage

Combination Guns

[…] for an all-around shotgun and came out with a brand-new Savage Model 24MDL, an over/under with a 3-inch, 20-gauge barrel […]

Best Elk Cartridge?

[…] from 130 yards, the bull ran 50 and piled up. Savage’s .303 in its 1895 rifle used .308-diameter bullets (the […]

History of the Bolt-action

[…] commercial production of bolt-action sporting rifles by American makers Remington, Savage, Winchester and Buffalo Newton totaled about 53,700 bolt-action rifles. […]

The Scout Spirit

[…] result, other manufacturers have introduced Scout rifles of their own. Savage, Mossberg, Ruger and Browning all have their own versions […]

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