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Better Lucky Than Good

[…] the Meprolight FT Bullseye Micro Optic using a .40 S&W GLOCK. It’s all right here—sight, adjustment tool, green circle/dot reticle […]

Reliability VS. Round Count

[…] this Novak Browning (above), by one round. Mas’ ROBAR custom Glock 30S is loaded with 10+1 .45 ACP, but spares […]

Silent Service

[…] place upside-down. The sample holster was for the .380 ACP Glock 42, which caused me to audibly whimper. It’s a […]

The Long And The Short Of It

[…] sight radius.” Well, the years went by quick. When baby Glocks came out in the mid-1990’s a lot of folks, […]


[…] or 8-shot super-slim pocket 9mm. Something in the S&W Shield, GLOCK 43 or Ruger LC9 category — but with the […]

A Real Deal

[…] also have to be more cautious on maintenance. With a GLOCK .40, you want to change your RSA (recoil spring […]

Lighten Up With Leverage

[…] your side is trying to get across. If the original GLOCK 30 (1) has too long a trigger reach, you […]

Red Dots For Carry?

[…] been a new generation of optic-ready pistol slides from FN, GLOCK, S&W, et al. Today’s red-dot optical sights are small […]