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The .270 Winchester

[…] others in .270. One I especially like is the 145-gr. Hornady ELD-X. Over nearly 50 years I’ve loaded hundreds of […]

Make Mine A Shotgun

[…] into 8″ at 35 yards and almost as well with Hornady 00 buckshot with Versatite wads. Shotguns, even those with […]

American Tactical Imports Galeo

[…] and 2,932 feet per second. Federal’s Fusion MSR 62-gr. JSP hunting loads averaged 2.25″ while Hornady Black 62-gr. FMJ averaged 2.79″.


[…] partners Smith & Wesson, NSSF, SIG SAUER, Crimson Trace, GLOCK, Hornady, Leupold, Mossberg, Ruger, Savage, SureFire, Taurus, Vista Outdoors/Federal, XS […]

The .38 WCF

[…] to 180-gr. RN/FP cast lead bullets over 5.5 grains of Hornady’s Trail Boss powder. At 750 to 850 fps depending […]

The .356 TSW

[…] brass and he credits Randy Lee at Apex for convincing Hornady to produce some, too. He reached out to Claudio […]

Mossberg 590A1

[…] out to 50–75 yards are possible using quality slugs. The Hornady American Gunner 1-oz. slug is designed to hit point […]

Nosler Reloading Guide No. 9

[…] bullet manufacturers. You’ll find the Nosler volumes, plus books from Hornady, Speer, Lyman and the Hodgdon’s Annual Manual. Working with […]

Marlin 1895 .45-70 Lever-action

[…] a rifle like the Marlin it is equally effective for self-defense, especially with modern ammunition such as Hornady’s 325-grain FTX bullet.