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Polymer Rifles

In 1986 GLOCK introduced their first pistol, the GLOCK 17, to the U.S. market. Reaction to the “plastic” pistol was […]

A Generational Advance

There has been much discussion about the new Gen5 GLOCK 9mm pistols. They don’t derive from the military’s MHS (Modular […]

Cognitive Handgun Dissonance

[…] years in one of my favorite competition shooting venues, the GLOCK Sport Shooting Foundation matches, in which I’ve consistently turned […]

The Case For Big Butts

On January 22, 2018, GLOCK released its newest pistol to the public — the 19X. It’s essentially the company’s entry […]

Century Arms Draco NAK9X

[…] happen if a Kalashnikov rifle had a baby with a GLOCK handgun. The end result is just stupid-reliable while remaining […]

Smith & Wesson’s Shield Plus

[…] distinct from the M&P series’ signature hinged trigger, being more GLOCK-ish with a tabbed trigger. No one who handled it […]