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2018 Holiday Gift Guide

By TangoDown Inc.® The Vickers Tactical® Carry Trigger for GLOCK® models is a flat faced polymer trigger, which offers a […]

SA-35 And The Mozambique Drill

[…] this magnificent trigger a few times, and your favorite striker-fired GLOCK will seem positively Neanderthal by comparison. The slide locks […]

The bear wasn’t there …

[…] I fumbled around a moment and finally obtained my .45 GLOCK 21 (a bit light for black bear, but offering […]

New Products July 2021 Issue

[…] the Lightweight Tactical Defense (LTD) Pistol Line. Unlike many other GLOCK-pattern alternatives on the market, the LTD is not the […]

Lone Wolf Guardian: Easy as A-B-C

[…] fire, proprietary SELF “D”fense sights — formed with a traditional GLOCK rear sight and peep sight-style front sight — allow […]

Trijicon RMRcc

[…] 0.76×0.56 window. It’s a snug, near-seamless match to Springfield’s Hellcat, GLOCK’s 48, the M&P Shield — carry-clan autos stay concealable! […]