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New Products April 2020 Issue

[…] 45° Mount; TRU•TEC Micro with rear sight dovetail adapter for GLOCK pistols; TRU•TEC Micro with Green Dot; and the TRU•TEC […]

Essentail Inventory

[…] For example, 1911 owners will need a barrel bushing wrench; GLOCK owners will want an orange armorer’s inspection plate or […]

Covers of 2020

[…] Digital Edition   February 2020 Cover Gun: TMT Tactical Custom GLOCK 22 Cover Story: “TMT Tactical GLOCK Makeover” by Brent […]

Springfield Armory XD(M) 10mm

[…] measures out to a single millimeter larger than the 9mm GLOCK. In the field of social ballistics, big bullets have […]

Crossfire August 2019

[…] get his opinion on this gun vs. the Model 20 GLOCK. Troy Etheredge Via email I admittedly don’t have a […]

New Products October 2019

[…] is the Vickers Tactical Slide Stop (VTSS-004). Specifically for the GLOCK 43X and 48, the VTSS-004 has an uprated return […]

Shadow Systems

[…] 15-round magazine and mid-sized grip. These guns will ride in GLOCK 19 holsters and are designed for home defense, concealed […]

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