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More On Christmas

[…] their hearts, just plastic in their tight little fists and savage determination to snatch whatever there’s only one left of […]

Hornady 6mm ARC

[…] length measures 2.26″ with a 30-degree shoulder — same as the popular 6.5 Creedmoor, 6mm PRC and comparatively ancient .300 Savage.

Drawing First Blood

[…] pond water, I’ve used it recently on an equally ancient Savage 340 in .222 to drill a group smaller than […]

Kitanica Envoy Attaché

[…] ever watched the Mythbusters TV series, you know host Adam Savage sometimes wore a seriously funky winter coat with more […]

It’s An X-Ring Christmas

[…] and .410 bore which sport a 22-inch barrel at $173. Savage Arms, 100 Springdale Rd., Westfield, MA 01085, (800) 370-0708. […]


[…] NSSF, SIG SAUER, Crimson Trace, GLOCK, Hornady, Leupold, Mossberg, Ruger, Savage, SureFire, Taurus, Vista Outdoors/Federal, XS Sights and several others. […]

Lyman Sights

[…] its A5, B3 and B4 riflescopes. In Chicopee Falls, Mass., Savage Arms marketed the Stevens line. But scopes hadn’t yet […]

Stevens Single-Shot Pistols

[…] produced by the J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co. and Savage from the patent date of 1864 to the discontinuance […]

Metric Mayhem

[…] as do many other .30-calibers such as .30-30 Winchester, .300 Savage, .300 Weatherby. Typically the rifling grooves are cut slightly […]

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