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Keep Shootin’

[…] easy shooting calibers such as the 6.5 Swede and .250 Savage. In leverguns, the .357 Magnum is just about the […]

Then And Now

[…] firearms were not cheap relative to wages. In 1962, a Savage 110 was $112.50 while a 99F was $126.50. A […]

.22 Centerfire Vs. Big Game

[…] Edge Raptor, started at over 4,300 fps from my wife’s Savage .22-250. The Raptor’s a brass monolithic, and Eileen had […]

The .308 Winchester

[…] actually developed by American ordnance officers beginning with the .300 Savage cartridge case. What those fellows were searching for was […]

Texas Ranger Frank Hamer

[…] right hip and a Winchester (or, in one case, a Savage Model 99 lever-action) in hand, the Remington Model 8 […]

Number 4 Lee-Enfield Rifle

Production wasn’t just limited to England. In America, Savage Arms Company was awarded a contract for the rifle and built […]

A Deer Stand Christmas Carol

[…] his Woolrich jacket airing out on the clothesline, his scoped Savage 99 is sitting in the garage corner. I always […]

Four For Fighting

[…] gunnery. Remington delivered over 60,000 M11s during the war and Savage produced an additional 14,000 identical Model 720s. Early military […]

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