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Vigilance M20 Rifle

[…] are simple, rugged and fixed. The M20 feeds from standard GLOCK mags, and it likes Promag magazines the best. There […]

Old Favorites

[…] else in the time of striker-fired pistols, one or another Glock. In 2017, the long-dormant Second Chance match resurfaced as […]

Quiet Zone

[…] American gun safes and LE holsters at the time. Smith, GLOCK, SIG and Beretta all made them, and we American […]

Making A Difference

[…] Amy’s an active competitor, regularly shooting 3-Gun, IDPA, USPSA and Glock Shooting Sports events. A dedicated outdoor sports and physical […]

Walther Q4 SF

[…] 7.4″ long and 5.4″ high, approximately the same as a GLOCK 19 but what I notice right away is how […]

In The Supreme Court

[…] their car? A former Seattle, Washington police chief left a Glock 9mm pistol in his parked department-owned car several years […]

Crossfire January 2019

[…] Georgia — you can still purchase an AR, or a GLOCK or a 1911 or a J-Frame, etc. at the […]

Dominant Players

[…] bullet at 1,430 fps from the 4.5 barrel of my GLOCK 31 with much less “kick.” Power level for power […]

Listen To The Governor

[…] the attack. Holmes, now serving multiple life sentences, bought a Glock pistol at a Gander Mountain store in Aurora in […]

The Taurus G3 T.O.R.O.

[…] is the real deal! Roughly the same size as a GLOCK 17, but with a 0.49″ shorter barrel, the G3 […]

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