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The Compact, Internal Guide Rod Laser Is
Discreet And Still Fits Standard Holsters.

As we get older our bodies change rapidly and one of the changes is eyesight. I am blessed to still be able to see sights, however most senior citizens have problems with this. And in my case, even if there is no problem shooting outdoors, I do have problems indoors— even when shooting at an indoor range. The answer for those who find sight acquisition a real problem is the modern laser sight. I have various semi-automatics and revolvers equipped with lasers.

One of the most compact is the LaserMax Guide Rod Laser, which replaces the guide rod on a semi-automatic. One of my 1911 .45’s has been equipped with a red LaserMax for several years. The latest internal LaserMax is made for the Glock and has two significant improvements. Namely, the activation switch is smaller and much easier to operate, and red has now been replaced by green as the color of the beam.

Why green? Simply put, green offers higher visibility across all lighting conditions. It not only reaches out further than a red beam, it is also easier to see when light is present. The main use for a laser with most of us will be in a lowlight situation where the sights are hard to acquire. However, as mentioned earlier, for some of us sights are always hard to acquire and the laser helps this situation.

This newest LaserMax Green Guide Rod Laser is mounted in very close proximity to the barrel. It replaces the spring and guide rod on a Glock and the battery is inside this new guide rod. With most lasers there is either an attachment under the barrel, on one side of the firearm, or the grips are replaced with a slightly larger polymer pair, which houses the laser. With the LaserMax Guide Rod Laser, everything is inside the firearm itself and you can’t tell it is laser equipped by looking at the outside.


Diamond Dot with the LaserMax Native Green Guide Rod Laser equipped
Glock .45 ACP. Notice it is not necessary to bring the sights up to
eye level. No John, other Taffins or books were harmed in this
demonstration with the unloaded Glock. Don’t try this at home.


Everything needed to equip a Glock with a green laser
is included in this little plastic envelope.

The LaserMax Green Guide Rod Laser produces a pulsating green beam for increased visibility, and is easy to turn on with an ambidextrous activation switch. The switch on my 1911 needs to be rotated to activate the laser, however this newer Glock version simply needs to be pressed in from either the left or right side of the frame and is easily accomplished using the trigger finger. The entire unit adds less than 1 ounce of weight to my Glock .45 ACP Model 21. Battery-powered by a silver oxide battery, the LaserMax Green Laser has a battery life of 1 hour of continuous operation.

Installation is relatively simple. First remove the magazine—make sure the chamber is empty—and remove the slide. Then, slide lock and spring are removed and replaced by the LaserMax slide lock and spring. The LaserMax slide lock/laser switch combination is then installed to replace the Glock slide lock. This little item has white colored dots on one side and bumps on the bottom. It is installed with the white dots facing backwards towards the shooter and the bumps facing downward.

With the magazine still removed, the slide, new guide rod laser and spring are returned to the frame and cycled. The top of the new slide lock should return to the top of the slide lock notch. The slide should then be cycled several times, allowing it to fall forward under its recoil spring pressure to ensure it is seated in the frame. Replace the magazine and the Glock has now, “gone native green.”

When properly installed, the replacement LaserMax slide lock/laser switch works just as the original slide lock with the added versatility of being an activation switch. When the Glock 21 is grasped by the shooting hand, being it left or right, the trigger finger reaches up alongside the frame and pushes in on the laser switch. This turns on the green pulsating beam. To deactivate the laser, the switch is just pushed in from the other side. This laser switch protrudes a very small amount and will not interfere with holstering the LaserMax equipped Glock.


The LaserMax Green Guide Rod Laser comes in a compact
package ready to install on a Glock.

As the laser is mounted in or on a firearm, the easiest way to sight in the laser beam is to align the sights on a particular target and then adjust the beam so it is right in front of the front sight or seems to be riding on top of it. When the LaserMax Green Guide Rod Laser was installed on my Glock, it already lined up perfectly. The Guide Rod Laser comes factory aligned for point of aim to match point of impact at 10 yards and is guaranteed to be within 1 inch with full-size guns and 1-1/2 inches with compact models. This is way more than adequate for a self-defense gun.

LaserMax has been producing lasers for 25 years and this Guide Rod Laser is covered with a 5-year warranty. My particular unit is installed on a .45 ACP Glock 21, however, LaserMax has units made to fit all Glock models. Consider it an inexpensive, paid-up life insurance policy.
By John Taffin

Guide Rod Laser

Maker: LaserMax
3495 Winton Place
Rochester NY 14623
(800) 527-3703
Battery: LMS-3×393
Accuracy: +/−2 inches POA at 20 yards
Laser Operating Temperature: -4 degrees F to 140 degrees F
Wavelength: 532nm
Power Output: <5mw
Price: $449

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