Yahoos Miss Out

Back in my native West Virginia, it seemed older S&W .44s were fairly common in gun stores and pawn shops. I even got to borrow a target-sighted triple lock (S&W Hand Ejector, First Model) for some shooting. Another triple lock with target sights and a 5" barrel had actually belonged to one of Mingo County’s Hatfield clan and was offered to me. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the coin to afford it at the time.

Much later at a Montana gun show, an older gent with whom I was acquainted approached holding a holstered revolver under his arm. I could tell at a glance it was an older Smith & Wesson N-Frame revolver. He said, “I’ve waved this under the noses of several of these yahoo dealers and they have offered me a pittance for it. Are you interested?” I looked the gun over, instantly recognizing it as a target-sighted triple lock with 6 1/2" barrel. I made him what turned out to be a sufficient offer, he accepted and we both left the gun show happy.