Back In Action

We currently have several production examples of .357 leverguns. For more than four decades if one wanted a .357 levergun there was just one choice and that was a Winchester Model 1892 .32-20 converted to .357 Magnum. I believe it was Marlin who first offered a .357 Magnum levergun, the Model 1894C. Not too long after this beautiful little carbine surfaced, Browning brought out the B92. About the same time Rossi started offering their version of the 1892 in .44-40, .45 Colt, .44 Magnum and thankfully .357 Magnum. Winchester was not to be outdone and they introduced Trapper Models with 16-1/4" barrel lengths in .30-30, .44 Magnum, .45 Colt and .357 Magnum. Today, Winchester offers replicas of both the 1873 and 1892 Winchesters in .357 Magnum; after a long dry spell Marlin is back producing quality leverguns again including the .357 Magnum. Henry also offers their Big Boy in .357 Magnum.

These carbines are all excellent examples of a lever-action .357 Magnum, however my choice for the Perfect Levergun starts with a stainless steel Rossi Model 92. It took a bit of searching for my local gun shop, Buckhorn, to find one but they were successful in finding a stainless steel standard 20" barrel gun.