The Unpardonable Sin

Remember, the VP70 was designed to be an inexpensive but reliable partisan weapon with which to prosecute World War III. As a result the gun was designed to be as simple as possible. This meant a radical double-action-only striker-fired trigger. While this same basic concept would be perfected 12 years later and monetized by Gaston Glock into the most successful combat handgun of the modern age, the HK version was way too much, way too soon.

The trigger on the VP70 is conceptually awesome but functionally hideous. The pull weight is measured in short tons. No kidding, I can’t get through a full 18 rounds without taking a breather. The trigger is long but consistent and stacks noticeably at the end. One final massive grunt at the terminus finally drops the striker and fires the weapon. It’s the worst trigger I have ever squeezed.

Shooting the VP70 is neither fun nor particularly satisfying. The VP70 pioneered the striker-fired ignition system and polymer frame we all enjoy these days. However, the wretched trigger doomed the gun to obscurity.