This is not the kind of adventure you share with the wife and youngsters. All they need to know is that you had some weather.

At daybreak, the sky was nearly clear and all was calm. The actual damage wasn’t as bad as it sounded, and the remainder of my weekend was uneventful.

Another time on a solo elk hunt, I had retired for the night when something that breathed heavily walked through my camp. You actually can feel hairs stand up on the back of your neck and there’s nothing quite as reassuring as a big bore magnum sixgun within easy reach when an uninvited guest strolls within a couple of feet of your bed.

Some years later, I was hunting the opening weekend with longtime pal Brian Lull. This was when we learned about thinking good thoughts at the campfire about people gone by. It helps to have a libation or two to refresh one’s memory. It got cold that night but we both slept soundly in a four-man tent; always bring more tent than you need.

It’s possible to have a comfortable campsite with some amenities. It just takes a little longer to set things up, such as suspending a tarp above the tent, with plenty of headroom.