My daughter Samantha was home for Christmas break, so it was a perfect time to get some daddy/daughter trigger time together. Besides packing our usual shooters, I brought the G3 T.O.R.O. along so Samantha could shoot it and we could compare notes afterward. With an Artic blast providing plenty of wind to chill the already cold 20 degrees, we settled into our shooting stations.

Setting our target stands at 50 feet, we used 2" orange squares as targets. I brought several types of factory ammo, as well as my favorite handloads, to test the T.O.R.O. Shooting was done resting my forearms on a carpeted 6X6" block of wood for stability, to see what the T.O.R.O. could do.

Shooting groups of five rounds, Sig Sauer 124-grain FMJ ammo averaged 2". Black Hills 100-grain Honey-badger ammo averaged 2.5" while their 115-grain JHP EXP shot under 2" groups. Handloads consisting of MP Molds 140-grain radiused flat-nosed powder coated slugs, over 4.5 grains of 231 consistently shot 2" groups.

The Taurus G3 is very accurate, shooting more accurately than most of my other 9mm’s. For a budget priced gun, the G3 TORO shoots as well as many high-dollar shooters. And who wouldn’t appreciate that? Either way, I was impressed with the G3 TORO/red dot sight combo. No malfunctions occurred.