We reviewed the smallest gun in the stable chambered for .22 Short as well as a convertible version with separate cylinders for both .22 LR and .22 Magnum rounds. The .22 Short version is almost too small to hold but its lack of recoil means it can still be fired safely. This tiny gun is inexpensive and makes a very cool addition to any properly seasoned gun collection. I wanted one because it was just so darn adorable. Available options include synthetic pearl stocks and a variety of holster options. If you want to pack the gun while out and about it will hide in the front pocket of your blue jeans and you’ll never know it is there. Laying the weak hand thumb alongside the grip and grabbing both in the strong hand helps to stabilize this tiny little heater on the range.

By contrast, the convertible gun has real tactical applications. With practice the gun can be retrieved and put into action safely and quickly without much thought. Even shooting .22 LR the muzzleblast and recoil will surprise you. In .22 Magnum the gun feels very powerful. If stoked with Winchester’s high-tech PDX1 Defender expanding rounds this gun is a legitimate threat downrange. PDX1 Defender rounds employ low flash powders and push carefully designed bonded bullets that deploy little razor sharp petals when fired into something soft. The results are intuitively nasty.

Pocket holsters are available as are replacement grips with a built-in micro laser sight. An optional set of pivoting stocks fold to cover the trigger and deploy for a grip large and substantial enough to suit shooters with big hands. Holster options will pack the gun in a pocket, inside the waistband, at the ankle, or around the neck.