Tuning Up

I first sent them down to Gary Reeder in Flagstaff with instructions to turn them into something special. Both of the Bisley Models were fitted with new 7-1/2" barrels while the Single-Six was turned into a true long-range sixgun with a 9-1/2" barrel. Gary also put my name on all three of them and finished them in the high polished blue he is so well known for.

With my favorite 8.5 grains of #2400 under the Hornady 100-gr. JHP it does 1,065 fps and groups five shots in a very tiny 1/2" which is amazing since I can’t shoot this well. The adjustable sighted Bisley Model prefers the Speer 100 JHP over the same powder charge for just under 1,100 fps and a 7/8" group. Call them superb varmint pistols.