Troika Of .32s

Did you ever have one of those weekends when everything seems to come together? My friend and fellow Shootist, Fermin Garza, now retired from the Corpus Christi Police Department, found a couple of Bisley Model .32 Magnums in Arizona a few years back.

Bisley Model .32 Magnums are not easy to find and here we had both an adjustable-sighted and a fixed-sighted version. I thought “why not?” and made arrangements for them to be shipped to my dealer Buckhorn Gun. Then, while I’m at the shop, what should I find in a showcase but another .32 Magnum, a 4-5/8" Single-Six. After several years of not being able to find a single Ruger .32 Magnum, the weekend turned into a trio of these excellent little sixguns.