In 2019, when only about 40% of the Commonwealth’s registered voters turned out, gun owners were asleep at the wheel. Democrats, running to give anti-gun Democrat Gov. Ralph Northam a majority, took over for the first time in a generation and the result was a disaster for the Second Amendment.

This is not the time to be coy, nor is it the year to be playing third party protest politics. There is much more at stake than somebody “making a statement” for their personal high ground. Politics is a contact sport and if Virginia gun owners — more than 20,000 of whom descended on the Capitol in January 2020, only to be sneered at and ultimately ignored by the Democrat majority — want to reverse course and regain their firearms freedom by quashing Northam’s agenda, you must vote en masse and be serious about it.

Gun owners around the country can help. Contribute to campaigns. Perhaps send a donation to the Virginia Citizens Defense League (vcdl.org) to support its efforts. The VCDL has a Political Action Committee (PAC) whose purpose is to help elect pro-rights candidates.

Gun owners in neighboring states can help with get-out-the-vote efforts, volunteer to spend a weekend helping a candidate’s campaign by placing road or yard signs. Just make sure your efforts are squeaky clean legally and comply with Virginia election statutes.