Perfect Casting!


MP molds come with Allen keys, clips, HP and solid pins and a bottle of sprue-plate lube.
The sprue-plate bolt has an Allen set-screw to keep it locked in place as the plate swings
back and forth during casting sessions.

I first heard about MP Molds around 10 years ago on a cast-bullet website. People were talking about these beautiful brass hollowpoint molds from Slovenia.

With the exchange rate of US dollars to Euros, the prices were less than $100, including shipping to the US. The molds were built with Cramer-style HP pins, allowing you to cast HPs about as fast as you can cast solid bullets.

I ordered a 0.433″ 300-gr. HP mold with three crimp grooves strategically placed for Marlin .444 rifles and .44 Magnum handguns. I transferred funds via Paypal and received it in about two weeks. International trade!

I had choices of both large and small HP pins, along with a wicked Pentagon pin, promoting five petals peeling back like a jacketed bullet. In my Marlin, shooting 0.75″ groups for three shots at 100 yards was the norm rather than the exception. And when 300 grains of spinning, peeled-back lead strikes a deer, Ol’ Prancer doesn’t prance very far.

Next I ordered a 200-gr. copy of the Hensley & Gibbs #68, an incredibly accurate bullet with a distinguished track record. Again, an assortment of pins was included and again, quality was so top-notch I almost felt guilty casting bullets with it. But cast them I did, along with ordering another and another and another.

MP’s brass 12-gauge slug mold features the artistic vent lines, steel alignment
pins and steel reinforced alignment holes adding to durability and long life.

Variety’s The Spice …

Founder/owner Miha produces molds in traditional “Keith” style, LBT, classic H&G and anything in between. I have several molds copied after the likes of Lyman and RCBS. Miha can duplicate anything, while also giving you the option of casting in HP format.

He makes 2- and 4-cavity molds in brass, and 6- and 8-cavity molds in aluminum. Miha’s 6-cavity H&G 503 drops one of the prettiest .44 Keith slugs I’ve ever had the privilege of shooting!

His new 8-cavity 9mm mold drops an LBT LFN-style 140-gr. bullet that’s proven extremely accurate in my pistols. Dumping eight bullets at a time is like shucking peas with 4 arms — it’s that fast. And Miha even makes HP shotgun slugs, which I have and plan on experimenting with later.

MP-Molds can be had in 2-, 4-, 6- and 8-cavity style. The more the merrier when it comes to casting.

This is just a smidgeon of MP’s “cast of characters.” Notice how most are HPs.

The Know-How Shows

Whether made of brass or aluminum, the bullet cavities are brightly polished, allowing freshly solidified slugs a break-free surface to fall from. Once a mold is up to temperature, the bullets seem to jump out on their own when the mold handles are opened.

Miha uses artistic vent-lines, which allows air to escape as molten alloy fills each cavity. This prevents back-splash and voids in the bullets as the alloy fills the cavity. The sprue-plate is flush with the mold top, assuring a clean cut-off. All molds come with a bottle of lube and appropriate Allen keys.

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