The Fundamentals

Poorer governments may not be able to project much in the way of health care and education to their hinterlands, but an important litmus test of how much a government cares about their people—and what they can afford—revolves around how far from the cities do they extend potable water wells and electricity? Without clean communal water sources, disease flourishes. In a small village, one public light and a single electrical source can change the nature and quality of life fundamentally.

If your brief is snooping, you look for ’em—and then, tricky sometimes—make sure they work! One time a certain government made a big deal out of their “rural electrification project;” putting tall pole lights with electrical outlets in their bases in remote villages. It was a “Look at us, ain’t we kind to the peasants?” thing. A certain Western government paid for all the hardware. Photos—taken in daylight—were widely circulated and the bandits-in-suits took bows on the international stage.

The lights were there. The problem? No juice. Not a single live wire ran to ’em. And some dirty snoop snitched ’em off. Imagine that …

Connor OUT

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