Compound Problems

Loading up a batch of .41 Magnum loads especially for use in the Marlin, I prepared to enjoy myself while sighting-in. That’s when the problems started. I could not sight it at 25 yards as the bullets were all over the target. I said to my friend Denis: “Maybe this is why it was on the used gun rack. Looks like someone tried to shoot it and it wouldn’t group so they traded it in.” However, I learned long ago not to give up too quickly. I continued shooting and before I had fired 50 rounds, the groups started to tighten up and it got better and better until I was getting groups well under 1" for three shots at 45 yards.

Like most Marlin leverguns, this one has a problematic compound word on the side of the barrel, especially when shooting cast bullets — “Micro-Groove.” Perhaps whoever had this Marlin had tried to fire cast bullets without knowing how picky these barrels can be. It just took a little time for this barrel to be shot-in or conditioned or whatever you want to call it. Once the process was done, the gun was ready to perform.