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The opposition isn’t gone, it’s only gotten worse!

The 2018 mid-term elections are now a distant (unpleasant, for many reasons) memory to most folks but the whole dog-fall has just concluded as these words are being written. We don’t, therefore, have the final tally in hand but it appears last November’s elections will go down as the first time in memory the National Rifle Association spent less money on candidates than did anti-gun groups! This wasn’t because of a shortfall from the NRA but an increase in spending by the other side. Nancy Pelosi was already making anti-gun noise a few days after the election. We all need to remember, even if Second Amendment causes are going relatively well at the moment, the wolves are crouched just outside the door and in even greater numbers. We simply cannot afford to get complacent!

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Gun Biz Trend

Publicly traded companies hold quarterly earning calls and the last Ruger call painted a fairly rosy picture at the Red Firebird. Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. continues to turn a profit while having zero debt and $100 million in cash on hand. Needless to say, they aren’t counting the spare change under the cushions of the sofa in the employee lounge. During the call, Ruger CEO Chris Killoy did offer one interesting opinion: he felt the Modern Sporting Rifle segment of the industry still faces “constrictions” before settling at a sustainable and stable sales level. While all the major manufacturers are doing fine, Killoy felt many small companies who build less than 1,000 guns could be facing a tough time in 2019.

Ruger Recall

Ruger Recall

Things aren’t totally rosy on the Ruger front as they have recently issued a recall for certain Ruger American Pistols. Certain 9mm American pistols with serial numbers starting with “860” and “862” may exhibit premature wear of the locking surfaces and a crack near the ejection port. The good news? This defect doesn’t appear until the gun has fired at least 10,000 rounds and any problem is easily seen during routine maintenance. The great majority of handguns never see the far side of 10K so this probably won’t concern too many folks. If the recall does affect you, keep up that shooting routine!


Unclassy Action

The gun industry and firearms ownership have been under clear but almost- invisible assault by the left-coast liberals who run the U.S. technology industry. Fortunately it now appears “we” are fighting back against the 900-pound gorilla in the business, Google. The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) has opened a class-action lawsuit against the monolithic giant due to their terms of service (ToS) for Google AdWords and Google Adsense. These important control documents prohibit online advertisement for products which “were designed to injure an opponent in sport, self-defense or combat such as knives, crossbows or guns…” The ToS also specifically prohibit “any part or component necessary to the function of the gun or…which were intended for attachment to a gun.” Google, which controls at least 83 percent of online advertising in the U.S., is effectively preventing firearms businesses from selling their products on the internet. This lawsuit has been completely ignored by mainstream media but could have major ramifications. Stay tuned for more.

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Good Book

If you’ve ever transported a firearm across our great country, you know gun laws in the U.S. are a hodge-podge of state and local rules often conflicting with each other. This patchwork legal quilt makes traveling with a gun a challenging proposition but there is a great resource for keeping it legal: Gun Laws By State, written and updated yearly by attorney Bryan Ciyou, Esq. The book gives easy-to-understand commentary on each state’s laws but where it really shines are the chapters on trends, interstate transportation, federal property, use of force and other topics. Ciyou is a smart and experienced attorney who actually writes in a manner “normal” people — even writers — will understand! For more info:

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Good Book Part Deux

If you’re a hunter in need of a smile, pick up The Perfect Shot for Dinosaurs by Phil Massaro, published by Safari Press Inc. The pocket-sized tome gives a glossy, high-quality and thoroughly tongue-in-cheek look at the sport of hunting exceptionally large reptiles with modern gear. Written as a legitimate hunting book, Massaro covers proper gun and load, shot placement, dinosaur life history and there are even entry forms in the back for the upcoming “Rowland Ward’s Record’s of Big Game, Dinosaur Edition” If you need to know the perfect round for the Triceratops (try North Fork Cup Solids in .470 Nitro Express) or the equipment needed to quickly field-dress your trophy (a chainsaw for starters), this book is head and shoulders among its peers — just like a Brachiosaurus.

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