Crossfire May 2020 Issue


Superhuman Taffin

In the March, 2020 “Crossfire,” one of my favorite gun writers, John Taffin, reported he shot more than 800 rounds of .454 Casull in one day through his Freedom Arms revolver.

A couple of years ago, I was delighted with my new Freedom Arms Model 83 revolver. Realizing it would offer some stout recoil, I laid in a pair of padded shooting gloves before taking it to my range. After running some ammo through two other handguns, I decided to finish with the .454 Casull. The good news: Some of my fillings were only loosened and didn’t fall out. The bad news: The palm of my new right hand shooting glove was now ripped open and useless. I took that as a harbinger it was time to go home.

May I respectfully inquire which phone booth John uses to don his cape and “S” outfit before shooting .454 Casull?!?
Chet Peterson
Lindsborg, Kansas

You are smarter than I was! I’m still paying the price!!! Good Shootin’ and God Bless. —JT