Don’t Mix

A second tip is don’t simultaneously cast with molds dropping bullets of similar appearance. For instance, don’t cast two .38 semi-wadcutter designs together. You’ll spend as much time sorting them as you did casting them. My last casting session with two molds was with roundnose .45s and roundnose/flatpoint .44s, hence; no confusion.

Here are the exceptions to the three- and/or four-cavity mold rule. Some of my favorite bullet designs only come in two-cavity molds. RCBS is a culprit here. Their molds are of excellent quality but they have steadfastly refused to offer handgun designs in blocks of more than two cavities. For example, my all-time favorite .44-40 mold is their #44-200FN. So I live with it or get another identical set of blocks to use in the dual-mold casting method. Another exception is when casting hollowpoint or hollowbase bullets. Those molds are necessarily single cavity and likewise slow in use. Only in special circumstances do I cast with such.