Get Ready

The ATI Galeo I tested was set up as an AR, lacking the carry handle and bipod of the standard-issue version. Still it weighed 8.6 lbs. without a magazine with the early model wooden forend. Both wood and plastic are available. ATI doesn’t offer a bipod or carry handle options but those parts are out there on the surplus market for those who want to set the rifle up like a standard-issue ARM-model.

ATI guarantees the Galeo will run with the modern TAPCO magazine only. There’s no reason their Galeo shouldn’t run with the good surplus steel magazines but ATI can’t back your $20 gun-show-find being out-of-spec, damaged, dirty, etc., etc. The IDF also issued 50-round magazines used in a light machinegun role but these are a bit harder to come by. They were not particularly popular with troops because their excessive length made it difficult to engage elevated targets when firing prone.