Speaking of speedier reloads, a lot of snubbie users like Bianchi Speed Strips. I’m more comfortable with the bulkier HKS speedloader (the model stamped “36” with the telltale 5 holes instead of 6). There are a couple J-Frame models available cut for 5-shot moon clips, such as the Performance Center Pro Series M442. Or there are conversion outfits such as TK Custom or Pinnacle High Performance who do it. Personally, I’ve only used moon clips in N-Frames before, but this sounds like a good idea. Those .38 conversions will work with or without the moon clips.

Of the J-Frame holster styles we tried, the majority were inside-the-pocket ones, which are about perfect for guys wearing pants (short or long) with roomy pockets, or vests with pockets. The three we tried—Blackhawk’s Tecgrip, the DeSantis Nemesis and Galco’s Pocket Protector were relatively “synthetically inexpensive,” ranging in price from $18.75 to $25.99. All featured a grippy outer surface to keep the holster in your pocket as you draw your gun. All of them worked well for us, however, the Blackhawk Tecgrip can be had for 3-inch snubbies. The other two, of course, can house a 3-inch gun, but some barrel is going to be sticking out the open end.